I’m David Lane and I live in Derbyshire with my wife and cat. I’m a member of Rolls Royce Derby Photographic Society. As a photographer, I’m nosy about people and how they interact, which is why I like to make images of people – posed and candid, all types of amateur sport, and street.
My photographic journey started when I was in my teens. I had a darkroom in my parents' bathroom (how tolerant was that?), and mainly I specialised in portraiture and motor sport as my brother was a keen 6-day triallist.
Then, having to earn a living, coupled with family commitments (two daughters and five grandchildren) meant my photography went onto the backburner until I retired from paid work.
I now have the time to develop my photography skills, and in this sense, lockdown has been a real blessing. It has forced me to explore genres outside my comfort zone. I have completed courses to improve my processing and have learnt so much from inspiring speakers and tutors from all around the world. The Royal Photographic Society has provided so many opportunities to get better, and I was delighted to be awarded my Licentiate by the Royal Photographic Society in September 2021
Do get in touch if you would like me to collaborate with you.
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